Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Great Local Recipients For Tax-Deductible Year-End Donations

Here are a couple suggestions of wonderful San Francisco programs that serve youth and the environment that you can support before the end of the year, AND get a 2009 tax deduction in the bargain!

Garden for the Environment:

Located at 7th and Lawton, you've probably passed it a million times. It's across from the lot where they sell the pumpkins and xmas trees. Gorgeous learning garden that's open to the public where kids and adults come to learn about organic gardening and composting.

Alemany Farm:

A working farm off of a dreadful stretch of Alemany as you depart 280, on the lowest level of St. Mary's Park. Down the street from the Alemany Farmers Market. Doesn't look like much from the outside, but walk into it, and you'll be amazed - it's a farm! In the city! They work with kids from the adjacent housing development (and others) to teach them how to grow food. A handful of people came together to save what was once SLUG's major showpiece - it's grown into a much larger endeavor with many, many loyal supporters. Are those bee hives up in them thar hills? Made out of file cabinets maybe? Incredibly cool.

Community Grows:

Barbara Wenger is my hero. Think Hayes Valley Neighborhood Parks Group and all the great work they've done to restore the parks and gardens in their neighborhood. They've morphed into this youth-serving organization with a bit of a broader mission, but retained their core values. And Barbara.

Got any to add to this list? I know you do. Feel free.

Until 2010...

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