Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Green Hairstreak Isn't What You Think

Had a ball facilitating the Nature in the City retreat at the Marin Headlands recently. These folks save and restore the vestiges of our natural areas so the flora and fauna dependent on them survive. One of their many programs I find fascinating is the Green Hairstreak project. Punk mohawks? No. Green Hairstreaks are butterflies indigenous to San Francisco that have all but disappeared due to systematic eradication of our native plants. Just three modest areas in the city are left where their habitat remains - Hawk Hill, a rocky outcrop in the Sunset and one spot in the Presidio. The Green Hairstreak project seeks to restore plantings in and between these sites to give this beautiful butterfly an extended habitat corridor in which to live and breed. Take a gander at the gossamer wings on this gorgeous creature and tell me native plants aren't worth saving. Yeah, that's what I thought.

You can join Nature in the City and help bring back the Green Hairstreak, or any of the many programs they provide to save San Francisco's natural heritage.

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