Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ode to ATT Park

Don't mean to repeat myself, but boy, do I love our baseball stadium. If you like baseball, and I do, it's hard to beat this downtown, waterfront, modest but more than adequate, faux-brick throwback to the days when baseball was for everyone - stadium in the middle of town easily reached by public transport, cheap seats (some less than $20), fun food, an outfield fence for furtive viewing. Plus, I just discovered you can enter the park through the back gate even when it's not game day or even season. Did you know the tot lot is open every single day? And it's free! Kids can play baseball and ride the slide (the giant Coke bottle billboard, is what I meant to say). Young people hired by the Giants play with the kids. Who knows about this? You do now! Go before the season starts when it's jammed.

My stream-of-consciousness lovefest to ATT Park and the Giants:

The brick, which is fake, I know, I know, but I love it anyway. Fits among the real brick buildings like a (baseball) glove.

McCovey Cove and its black old-fashioned drawbridge named for Lefty O'Doul (Who he? Take the quiz in the earlier post).

The walkway along McCovey Cove, imbedded with plaques commemorating great moments in Giants history.

China Basin Park across the Cove with a small diamond for the wee ones and sidewalks lined with giant baseball bollards.

Splash Hits (Where are we? 45? Most belong to Barry Bonds.) And rubber chickens - remember those? Strung on the right field wall for each intentional walk. Ended with Barry. Sigh.

Cha Cha Bowls. Better than garlic fries.

Kruk and Kuip, John and Dave. Best sportscasters anywhere, period.

Sitting in View Reserve watching massive container ships come and go beneath the Bay Bridge.

The Berkeley campus campanile clearly visible across the Bay.

ATT Park is SMALLER than Candlestick. And cleverly designed to block the wind inside the stadium.

Watching batting practice before the games in zillion dollar seats, players so close you can almost touch them.

The kid's play area open year round (see above). The fact that they HAVE a kid's play area.

The south side fence where you can watch games. For free.

And, our Giants, who, I believe, given my eternal optimism, will make the playoffs this year. Timmy. The Panda. Bengie Molina (so glad he's back). Very excited about Buster Posey too. Really miss Omar though.

Btw, SI (St. Ignatius) varsity plays arch rival SH (Sacred Heart) at ATT on April 16th. Full disclosure: my son Charlie is SI's catcher (made varsity as a sophomore, uh huh, that's right, oh yes he DID). Total fun (and you can sit in a zillion dollar seat for just $10!), so c'mon out and root for the Wildcats (or the Irish, if you must).


siprep.org (go to Athletics to find out how to buy tickets for 4/16)

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