Thursday, May 20, 2010

Faves and Raves

Check out "My City" in Sunday's Examiner (5/16/10), pg. 25. That's me and my "Faves and Raves" - San Francisco points of interest to share with y'all. Some I've written about here (Glen Canyon Park, Mission Creek, the Wave Organ). A couple new spots were added in the article. Click on the photos at right to go to the article.

Can you believe there are only two bowling alleys left in the entire city? We may lose the Presidio Bowl if planners at the Presidio Trust get their way and totally rehab the Main Parade Grounds. That would be a catastrophe - if you have kids or just like to bowl, the Presidio Bowl is a sweet little bowling alley in the middle of a national park with a totally awesome snack bar. Great for kids' birthday parties.

The other is in Yerba Buena Gardens. Between the bowling alley, the ice rink, the playground, Zeum and the Metreon, there's tons of stuff for kids to do in this downtown urban oasis. The Martin Luther King Memorial is inspired - walk under thunderous waterfalls to read his words etched in the walls. It is a moving architectural masterpiece.

Note to anyone with a sweet tooth: treat yourself to a Beard Papa's cream puff across the street from the park, or bring a dozen home to the family. They'll make your teeth ache but wow, are they worth the sugar rush.

Photos courtesy of Juan Carlos Pometta Betancourt of the Examiner.

Info on the Presidio Bowl can be found here:

Info on Yerba Buena Gardens here:

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