Monday, January 11, 2010

More Murals

In my post below I write about some of my favorite artists who work in San Francisco's public places. I could rhapsodize for a whole blog post about Precita Eyes, the art center started by Susan Cervantes in the Mission District that is responsible for so many bright and beautiful murals in the Mission and across the City (so I think I will). Precita Eyes Mural Arts and Visitors' Center is located on 24th Street in the heart of the Mission District. Their work, a collaboration with community folks and school kids, can be seen nearby where a lot of the Mission's famous murals are located. You can almost always tell a Precita Eyes mural - depictions of indigenous cultures painted with obvious pride and deep respect in bold, primary colors. Go to 18th Street and Valencia and gaze at "MaestraPeace" on the Women's Building - one of the great wonders of the western world (Susan Cervantes and other artists created this jaw-dropping work 15+ years ago). On a more modest note, Precita Eyes recently created a gorgeous mosaic mural at Crocker Amazon Park with the help of neighborhood volunteers (be honest - do you know where Crocker Amazon is? Could you find it on a map? I don't believe you. Go south on Mission Street, turn left on Geneva, CA Park is on your left at Moscow.). Precita Eyes is one of San Francisco's most venerable and prolific public art centers, and their work reflects and celebrates the history and heritage of the Mission District. Go visit them. Paint a mural with them. Take a Mission mural tour. Donatedonatedonate. (click on images to go to their website)

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