Monday, February 15, 2010

ATT Park from Mission Bay

Glorious day at Mission Bay today. Walked all the way around Mission Creek (well, not ALL the way around it, but from the Channel Street side to Berry Street and back again). The fog was burning off at the ballpark when I took this picture from the kayak launch in the Creek. The Lefty O'Doul Bridge is in front of the ball park (Question: Who was Lefty O'Doul? Was he a) a baseball player, b) a labor leader, c) a mayor of San Francisco? Answer below). God, I love our baseball stadium. For such a modestly-sized structure it packs a very satisfying punch along the skyline as you come upon it from the Embarcadero. It looms over Mission Creek like the perfect punctuation mark. Look at me! Over here! But it respects its space, its neighbors and the history of its site. A downtown waterfront ballpark that isn't gargantuan in scale. What's not to love?

Plus, added bonus, a Great Blue Heron was sitting on the roof of a houseboat taking in the sun, looking like it was in no hurry to leave. I know, you can't really see it in the photo (right). It's on the middle houseboat.

Props to the developers who did a superb job integrating the Mission Bay apartment buildings with the creek via natural landscaping and materials that preserve the views and the creek's vitality. I talk more about the Mission Creek Conservancy's role in preserving the Creek in an earlier post below, but I gotta hand it to the Mission Bay folks as well - that side of Mission Creek is also awesome.

(Answer: a) a baseball player - Lefty O'Doul was a San Francisco-born major leaguer. How perfect is that? btw, if I could have typed this upside-down, I would have.)

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