Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Heart Mission Street, Take 2

For Valentine's Day, more things I love about Mission Street...

Women carrying baskets of bouquets to sell in local restaurants.

The man trying to chip gross gum off the sidewalk. You go guy.

Little churches in former retail spaces.

Grilled meat aromas drifting out of taquerias.

La Corneta.

The Miracle Mile, movie houses on every block. Can you imagine?

Salsa lessons at Roccapulco.

Those brown historic (looking) light poles. No crappy Cobras on Mission.

Homemade tamales for sale at the 24th St. BART station.

Blue and red mosaic tiles imbedded in sidewalks, by Precita Eyes I think.

Precita Eyes.

Mariachis with beautiful battered guitars who play at each restaurant.

Volver, Volver, Voooooollllverrrr.

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!

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